Defenders of
Crooked Lake

Protecting Polk County’s Only Outstanding Florida Water

About the Defenders

The primary purpose of Defenders of Crooked Lake (DoCL) is to provide education and public awareness in order to preserve the natural beauty, purity of water, inherent ecological value and quality of living that distinguishes Crooked Lake of Babson Park, Florida.

We foster protection, preservation and enhancement efforts in order to maintain one of the few remaining pristine fresh water lakes in Florida. We will foster collaborative efforts with governmental agencies, private foundations, corporations, elected officials and individuals in order to reach goals pertaining to the preservation of Crooked Lake and its surrounding areas.

The Defenders of Crooked Lake is a 100% volunteer organization. Our work is supported by our members. If the health and protection of Crooked Lake is important to you, please click here to become a member.

Our current Board members are: Jim Tully (President), Lisa Jensen (Vice President), Judy Stevens (Secretary), Mark Armstrong (Treasurer), Terry Frank, Cindy Lilly, Sally Morrison, Steve Morrison, Lee Meyer, Tommy Phillips, Fleet Ryland, Win Stevens, Jim Studiale, Marcia Webb, and Bunny Wetzel. The board typically meets on the third Tuesday of each month, from September through May. If you’re interested in attending a board meeting, please contact us to confirm the time and place.

About Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake covers over 4,000 acres in southeast Polk County, Florida. Crooked Lake is designated as an Outstanding Florida Water by the Florida Legislature. Crooked Lake is located within the municipal boundary of Hillcrest Heights. Landuse around the lake is primarily residential and agricultural. The shores of Crooked Lake also includes three schools: Babson Park Elementary, Bok Academy, and Webber International University.