Become a Member

The mission of the Defenders of Crooked Lake to protect Polk County’s only Outstanding Florida Water for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Our activities are 100% funded by the our members. We are a completely volunteer organization, we have no paid staff. So, your membership dues go directly toward our activities.

Some examples of the activities and programs that your membership dues support:

  • Educational programs at local schools, including schools on Crooked Lake (e.g. Babson Park Elementary and Bok Academy)
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Water level monitoring
  • Legal challenges to projects or policies that threaten the Crooked Lake ecosystem
  • Semi-annual newsletter The Waterline

Annual memberships are based on the calendar year. Dues are collected at the beginning of each year up to our Annual Meeting in March. There are three forms of membership:

  • Individual ($25)
  • Family ($50)
  • Corporate ($100)

And we have two ways to pay: