Defenders Celebrate Annual Meeting on Windy Hill

On March 18, the Defenders of Crooked Lake gathered for their annual meeting. Kent and Cindy Lilly generously allowed the Defenders to use their pasture on Windy Hill, south of Seminole Road, which provided a beautiful view of Crooked Lake while the members gathered in a socially-distanced manner.

President Jim Tully started the official ceremony by introducing past president Myra Zilahy, who presented a commemorative plaque to Sara Fair, widow of founding member Dale Fair. Mr. Fair passed away earlier this year.

Treasurer Mark Armstrong provided an overview of the Defenders finances. The largest expense in 2020 resulted from providing a matching grant to the Green Horizons Land Trust for the preservation of Windy Hill.

Jim Tully provided an overview of the activities in 2020 affecting Crooked Lake, including sanitary sewer overflows at the Crooked Lake Park sewerage company, plans for stormwater improvements on Sunset Trail, and continued aquatic plant management by Polk County Natural Resources.

All the membership approved the slate of Board Members and officers for 2021: President Jim Tully, Vice President Lisa Jensen, Treasurer Mark Armstrong, Secretary Judy Stevens, and Board Members: Terry Frank, Kristiana Heath, Bob Luther, Sally Morrison, Steve Morrison, Lee Meyer, Tommy Phillips, Fleet Ryland, Win Stevens, Jim Studiale, Jacque Woodward, Bunny Wetzel.