Crooked Lake Park Sewer Overflow

Following heavy rainfall on August 2nd, sewer manholes on Canal Drive in Crooked Lake Park began to overflow. Untreated wastewater began to flow along the side of the road and into a stormwater drain that discharges to a canal on Crooked Lake.

Crooked Lake Park sewer overflow on August 9, 2019.

High water levels at the wastewater treatment facility have also resulted in direct discharges of treated wastewater to wetlands adjacent to Crooked Lake.

Local residents notified the wastewater company (Crooked Lake Park Sewerage Company) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). FDEP visited the area on August 6 and sent a warning letter to the owner on August 8th. The letter addressed the overflows at the wastewater treatment facility but did not address the ongoing overflows on Canal Drive. FDEP visited the area again on August 13th and amended its warning to the owner to address the overflow on Canal Drive.

On August 14, staff from the Crooked Lake Park Sewerage Company pumped out the manholes, which stopped the sewer overflows. However, by approximately 8pm on the same day, the overflows had resumed.

Please use caution in the vicinity of standing water in the Crooked Lake Park area. The discharge of wastewater can result in increased concentrations of coliform bacteria and present a risk to human health.