Update on High Water Levels and Sewer Overflows

The following is an update to the posts from August 15th.

High Lake Levels

The rain gauge at Warner University has only recorded 1.3 inches of rain since our last email. Crooked Lake continues to rise, albeit more slowly. As of August 24th, the Gauge at Bob’s Landing reads 120.85 feet NAVD88.

Polk County has negotiated with property owners between County Road 630A and Little Crooked – where the outfall canal and weir are located – to allow for temporary access with their equipment. Late this week, crews began removing vegetation from the bottom and sides of the canal between CR 630A and Crooked Lake. My understanding is that work will continue throughout the weekend.

Flow through the culvert at CR 630A has noticeably increased over the last week. Inflow in to the lake from drainage ditches near US 27 appears to have decreased substantially over the same time period.

Future lake levels will be contingent on rainfall. Below average rainfall may allow the lake level to decrease as outflow continues. However, average or above-average rainfall could add a few more inches to the lake.

Crooked Lake Park Sewer Overflow

The Crooked Lake Park Sewerage Company has pumped out manholes and lift stations throughout the neighborhood with greater frequency over the last 10 days. Sewer overflows from the manholes have occurred intermittently during this time, which is an improvement from the continuous overflow from August 2nd through the 14th.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection scheduled a meeting with representatives from the Crooked Lake Park Sewerage Company on August 23rd to discuss their proposed improvements. We are still waiting to hear the results of that conversation. Our expectation is that this overflow will result in a Consent Order that will require the utility owner to make the necessary improvements to the system.

Because of the intermittent overflows, we continue to recommend caution in the vicinity of standing water in the Crooked Lake Park area.

We will continue to follow up with local and state agencies regarding these issues and we hope to pass along additional information soon.