Declare Your Independence from Lake Trash

On Saturday, July 11, Defenders of Crooked Lake is sponsoring their 6th annual Crooked Lake clean-up. Lakes Appreciation Month is celebrated every July nationwide to draw attention to the value and importance of protecting our lakes and waterways from pollution. This is a good chance to help keep Crooked Lake as Polk County’s Outstanding Florida Water.

It makes sense for people to do the clean-up in the area where they live, and please ask your neighbors to help clean up their lakefront, roadside, garages, boat areas, etc.. And after 4th of July, there may be plenty to do!

Realizing the 4th of July is family vacation time, we have set the clean-up date for the following Saturday, July 11.

Other needs: check for trash at the stormwater run-off access areas: downtown Babson Park/Scenic Highway; Seminole Road; Katherine Rd., Sunset Trail; also the canals at Crooked Lake Park.

Bob’s Landing will post a sign asking everyone to help keep Crooked clean.

Polk County’s Hazardous Waste Collection Center provides free waste disposal for individual families (one truck or car load per family). They accept many items that shouldn’t go in regular trash: Paints, motor oil, propane tanks, computers & accessories; fluorescent tubes or mercury bulbs; car, vehicle batteries. For more details call 863 284-4319 or visit Polk County’s Waste and Recycling Website.