Frostproof Re-zones 8 Acres of Agricultural Land to Allow Single-Family Residential Development

At the March 16th City Council meeting in Frostproof, the City Council approved a Planned Unit Development to re-zone approximately 8 acres of former citrus grove to allow the development of 8 single-family homes, each on 1 acre. The land is on Cody Villa Road at the south end of Cody Cove.

In November 2019, the owner of the property, Landdaly, LLC, submitted an application to re-zone their entire 77 acres to include a 317-spot RV park in addition to the single-family residential homes. Representatives from the Defenders of Crooked Lake met with Frostproof officials to express our concern about the proposed RV park, in particular the impacts from septic tank pollution and stormwater runoff.

In January 2020, the owner revised their application to include only the 8 acres of single-family residential, stating that a separate application regarding the remaining property would be submitted at a later date. The Defenders will continue to monitor the progress of this development and its potential impact to Crooked Lake.